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Kingsdive Ltd Marine Services: Commercial Diving & Recovery

Since 1979 Kingsdive Ltd Marine Services has provided a range of commercial diving and marine services to clients in Kingston, Ontario and across Eastern Ontario. We can provide experienced insured commercial divers and equipment for your project and insured and certified floating equipment. We maintain recovery and rigging equipment at the Port of Kingston. We were also part of the ECRC/SIMEC contractor pool of marine oil spill responders for 2013. From commercial diving and diving recovery to boat and marine towing, we can get the job done right.

Experienced Commercial Divers

Our seasoned commercial divers are licensed, and all of our diving jobs are completed under the strict Ministry of Labour diving regulations. Specific information on our team, their insurance and the MOL/CSA commercial diving statute requirements and compliance is available upon request.

Underwater Inspections & Equipment Recovery

In addition to our commercial diving services, we provide underwater inspections and equipment recovery. We provide video inspections and divers or engineers reports for your problem or your project.

Marine Towing & Transport

Our fleet is capable of transporting passengers and a range of materials, and we are Transport Can certified for towing. We respond to grounded and/or broken down vessels, and in conjunction with our experienced commercial diving team, we can provide re-floating. Our vessels meet the Ministry of Transport regulations, including marine towing and passenger service regulations.

For all of your commercial diving and marine service needs, call Kingsdive Ltd Marine Services. Emergency services are available.

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